Maps of the Southwest Transitway Line

Below is a map of the Southwest Line. It has been approved for construction, and is currently in the Preliminary Engineering phase. The route will currently go along the trails on the parkland between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles. The first image is taken from the Southwest Line project website, and the other images have been taken from Google maps.

(Click to enlarge images)


Below are satellite photos from Google Maps, with the path of the light rail line highlighted in blue.

Cedar Lake Trail


Several stops are proposed along the Cedar Lake Trails.

Proposed stops on the SW lineFrom the Frequently Asked Questions on the Bottineau Transitway website:

If LRT is built what will happen to the trails?

Hennepin County and its partners are committed to ensuring that a connected system of trails is retained throughout the southwest metro area.  Currently, there are four trails that may be affected by a Southwest LRT line. They are the Southwest LRT trail, the Kenilworth trail, the Cedar Lake Park trail, and the Midtown Greenway. These trails are all located on property owned by the HCRRA. The existing walking and biking trails will be maintained; there is plenty of space for light rail and the existing trails. Currently, rails and trails safely coexist in more than 60 areas of the United States.


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